Helpful tips: 

⭐Magnetics: Please wait until your polish is fully dry before applying top coat. After applying top coat reuse magnet over mani.

Magnetic pigment polish can be a vivid strike as to where magnetic flakes can be a more scattered lighter strike.It is normal after a few hours or days your magnetic line may widen. This is normal for all polishes of this finish.

⭐Glitter Polish: Shake your bottle well before use. Larger glitter can sink to the bottom. For best results apply thin coats, and wait 1-2 minutes between them, and then finish with a quality top coat I also use a base coat.

⭐Glow in the dark: Shake well before use Pigment may settle at bottom, this is normal. You may place bottle upside for ten minutes before use and shake well.

⭐Glitter Removal

We sell a peel off base coat (kitty kaps) and we also have cuticle guard for creating your fav nail art. Apply on peel off base on naked nails or over your fav strengthening base. Let fully dry before applying your polish. Mani's dont last long with this peel off base method. Great for swatching or people who love changing up quickly. 

⭐The Foil method

Grab some cotton balls soak in remover place over nail wrap with aluminum foil, leave on for five minutes, twist and glitter will easily remove.Wash hands apply cuticle cream or oils to moisturize.


For thin etched plates use a med firm stamper, for all other squishy will work. 

Clean stamper with lint brush or tape.

DONT buff your stamper heads with files use a mr clean sponge after trying it as is first.


Please allow polishes to sit do not open immediately, wait at last 24 hrs before use. Mother nature and travel can affect the consistency of your polish, this does not make it unusable. If you need advice please email me. 

Polish fill levels at random may sometimes cause overfills and or during travel the cap may expand causing caking in the neck. We apologize if this happens, it does not make polish unusable and can be wiped away with acetone.

If your polish bottle breaks, we do request a picture as proof, we will work on a resolution. Please email this to us at mon-fri. We also need these in case it is a batch to inform our manufacturer.